Level Up - Paint.NET: How To Create Sprite Sheet From Layers In Paint.NET

Need an easy way to create sprite sheets in Paint.NET? Don't want to create a new file for every image of your animation? Want to experiment with cool new plugins to make your graphic design skills better?

All you need is one plugin combine all your layers into an evenly-spaced sprite sheet.

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated time of completion: Less than five minutes.

Step 1: Download this plugin for Paint.NET: Spritesheet Export Plugin

Step 2: Make sure that Paint.NET isn't running, then copy the "SpriteSheet.dll" file into your Paint.NET installation folder, i.e. Program Files/Paint.NET/FileTypes/ subfolder.

Step 3: Now, when you open Paint.NET, you should have the extra ability to save as SpriteSheet (*.ss.png)

And, if you would like to do the opposite - Spritesheet to images, then check out Sprite Animation Helper Plugin

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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