Level Up - Paint.NET: How To Scale Up Images And Keep Them Pixelated

Typically, when you resize an image in Paint.NET, it will use anti-aliasing in order for images to look less pixelated. But, sometimes, when you have a great small image, you want to keep it pixelated. So, here's how you do it.

1. From the menu bar, click Image->Resize (or just Ctrl+r).
Step 1. Go to the Resize menu

2. Locate the "Resampling" drop-down menu at the top of Resize window. By default, the option selected is "Best Quality".
Step 2. Click the Resampling option

3. Choose the "Nearest Neighbor" option. Set your width and heights. Then click "OK".
Step 3. Select "Nearest Neighbor" resize option

You now have a large image with the pixelation still intact.

How did I find this out? Experimentation (aka guess and check). Good thing there were only four options there to choose from. ;)

UPDATE: A few days later, I have now written a follow up to this with more image comparisons and reasons why you may want to keep pixelation on an image when resizing.

~ Danial Goodwin ~

ps - The image I used in my screenshots used to be 34x32 pixels, then I scaled it up to be 1000 pixels wide. Then, I added the gem's shine (which isn't pixelated).

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