New Perspectives for a New Year (and crazy predictions for 2014)

Another year, Happy Birthday!
Resolution: Make this the best 2013 ever!

(Hint: There are at least three meanings in the line above.)
Resolution: Celebrate New Years Eve, not just celebrate on the day before New Years Day.
Idea: Celebrate New Years every time zone!

(For the advanced users, that would be more than 24 celebrations in one day)
Idea: I'm starting a countdown until next New Years Day. 365! Now, somebody else keep track.
Maybe as an April Fools joke, they should let the New York Times Square ball seemingly be dropped by full gravity and nothing slowing it down. Actually, imagine if all the lights in the Empire State building, or another tall building, make it look like the lights were sinking like a Tetris piece falling.
If somebody had no resolutions last year, then let their resolution for this year to have at least one resolution next year.
One of these years, in order to try to please people, there is going to be a savvy politician proposing celebrating New Years twice instead of just the traditional, once.
Using the numbers in 2014, make 42: 42^1+0. Others?
Crazy prediction for 2014:
- Octopus found with nine tentacles, called Nonapus. There is also an octopus with seven tentacles found.
- Microsoft creates a movie, about elves.
- McDonald's creates a product and one of their marketing lines is, "A McDonald's in every home!"
- People start growing "regular" grass of different colors to stand out.
- "Artificial" Intelligence "creates" its own music after analyzing millions of other different songs.
- Stocks continue going up for another three months, then many analyst decide they've all been too excited and driving up prices to much. Thus, stocks dip a little and flat-line compared to past few years.
- A new type of fire is invented.
- Spray-able electronics fused with bio-something allow creation of faster/cheaper devices and easier Christmas trees.
- China couldn't stop Santa with their no-fly zone last year. This year, they will either call for an all-out war against Santa, or say he's obviously Chinese and supports Communism.
- Scientists/archaeologist discover that Rudolph didn't actually have a red nose despite what that one reindeer song says.
- Pillows scientifically proven bad for health.
- Robot plays guitar! (already done)
- Wal-Mart raises their minimum wage above the state minimum wages.

ps - I tried to stay away from the computer (or uses computer tech) category because those are easier to think of compared to other industries.

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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