Level Up - Creativity: Revamp Old Ideas

A thought just occurred to me, how am I going to describe the next game I create?

One requirement would have to be that the description entices visitors to download the game and try it..

So, I could try to be original, which I usually do try to do.. Or, a new strategy occurred to me: be original within the bounds of what people already know about.

Here's a few descriptions for new games off the top of my head:
- Bomberman, without the bombs.
- Flappy Bird, but you're a fish, and underwater, avoiding nasty underwater cactus.
- Flappy Bird + Bomberman = Try to blow up pixel birds.
- Pong, but one player and no computer opponent.
- Side-scrolling shooter

Maybe these aren't the most creative ideas, but they can work. For more creativity, assumption reversal usually works better. Post coming soon. ;)
~ Danial Goodwin ~

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