Book: The Inner Game

The actual title of the book that I just read is called "The Inner Game of Tennis", but this post is not about tennis.

This was a great read, and you should read this book if you play sports and have ever wondered why you play good one day and bad the next. This book may help you have a more consistent and higher gameplay.

I wrote a whole bunch of notes as I read, and you can read them on GitHub.

If it's too much trouble to click a link, then here's the TLDR (Too Long; Didn't Read) that shares just a few of the biggest points:

  • There is an inner game and outer game. There are already many great resources on the outer game.
  • During practice, analyze your movements (methods includes "feeling" it, mirrors, video playback) and don't try to force any change. During game play, just let it happen naturally; trust yourself.
  • Experiment with many different playing styles. The "right" style may be different for different people.
  • You still may need some good outer game practice in order to gain more from these inner game tips.
  • If you dislike competition, then you have the wrong idea about it.
  • When playing, if you have any anxieties or frustrations, then you aren't a player of the inner game.

And, if you have already read this book or any of the other "Inner Game" books, then I'd be happy to hear your biggest take-aways.

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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