Level Up - Android Dev: KeyboardlessEditTest

Today, I've released a new open source project that has help me build my latest app. I needed an EditText with full capabilities, except for the keyboard showing up. All of the possible answers that I found on StackOverflow and GitHub all had their limitations, especially the lack of native editing (cut/copy/select/paste) options.

All of the problems have been abstracted out to a simple subclass of EditText that you can use easily in any project.

You can try it out on GitHub now: https://github.com/danialgoodwin/android-widget-keyboardless-edittext
Or, you can go directly to test the APK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.simplyadvanced.simplytonegenerator

If you have any questions or need clarifications on how to use the project, then please let me know.

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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