Level Up - Android: Speed up your Gradle build times with one-line!

Whether or not you are using Android Studio, Gradle build times are slow (especially when you don't have continuous automated builds (another discussion)).

Here's one way to improve the speed Gradle commands like `assembleRelease` is to enable the Gradle daemon. I've sped up my release builds by about 20%!


Level Up - Paint.NET & Android: How to create new color palettes for Android Holo and Material design

If you work in Android and Paint.NET, here's some quick tips and resources to make both easier to work with. When designing graphics in Paint.NET, it would be really useful to have direct access to all of the Android design guide colors. So, here's how to save and load different color palettes in Paint.NET:


Level Up - Android: How to get started with Unit Testing in Android Studio

Recently, I finally got around to implementing the native unit testing that is provided within Android Studio (not third-party programs like Robolectric). So, after reading a few different sources, the following is the bare minimum that I would have needed in order to add the basic testing features.


Level Up - Android: How to get started with Android Wear and the Wearables Emulator

Recently, I started working on Android Wear for the first time. It's been fun playing around with the new platform and form factor. And, of course, the official Android docs that I read could be condensed further for absolute newcomers. So, in the typical fashion, I've created myself a cheat sheet that I would use next time I would want to learn the easiest way for how to best create Wearable apps.

I've open sourced all my code so far on GitHub. It includes how to first set up the virtual Wear device, connect to the handheld device, and how to have the app send and open a notification on the wearable.


~ Danial Goodwin ~


Facts of Ideas

Fact #1: I have not thought of all of the ideas in the world.
Fact #2: Some people have thought of ideas that I haven't thought of.

Conclusion: If I want to learn of those other ideas, then I could listen to some people.

~ Danial Goodwin ~