Computer Programmers are Perfectionists, by necessity

Computer programmers must be perfectionists. If not, then there's another bug and another crash.

Additionally, writing a fully correct program/app requires programmers to be psychics and able to tell the future. Without so, more code breaks down and programmers wouldn't be able to work together, which ties in with having to be able to read minds.

Furthermore, most times there are more possible logical states in a program than there are atoms in the universe. That would take up quite a lot of the brain's working memory. And, each of them have to be thought through.

I'm surprised any program gets finished. Oh, wait, they never actually are. ;)

Anyways, even with all these impossible hurdles and limitless things to do, programmers have been able to come together and get things done. And, it feels good to know a program is finally running and [most] of the obstacles have been overcome.

Sidnote: So, here's where I would introduce my revolutionary new solution, but, of course it's not finished yet. ;b

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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