Coming Soon: New Format and Books!

Basically, I really like this domain and I'm going to start adding more stuff to it. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't support the kind of layout and setup that I would like, I will soon start to be using new tools and write about those specifics later.

One of the first new things that I want to add are about the books I've been thinking about and planning. The goal is to make sure that they have a very high signal to noise ratio for readers. So, the books will be about 500+ pages of content condensed to less than 100 pages. And, if I spend enough time thinking about the words used, I may be able to get some down to around 50 pages or less.

The requirement for these book projects are to be very high quality content. There will be blog posts with extracts from some pages and chapters that also provide useful examples and more side notes.

Some of the first few books that I've been planning:
- How to Learn
- Level Up - Programming

And, as I go through the above process, there will be a book for 'How to write a book'. ;)

I just need to dedicate some time to it and it will get done.

~ Danial Goodwin ~


Zefon Barden said...

Hi! Just PRO-ed up for your LTE Discovery
app, way to go my brutha!!
Ok.So, I'm into many of the sub-genra topics you study/write about, HOWEVER!!!
I'm a 52year old troglodyte physics geek with ZERO formal education in Real coding.
I'm learning, however.
I just created my first domain name
I'm simply doing this for fun.
2 th

Zefon Barden said...

2nd try.
I'm looking for HARDCOPY books
on your chosen subjects.
I NEED PAPER! Resources???
You can reach me at xxx.8691.51@gmail.com
Or, 8691@z-developer.net